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Vesicovaginal Fistula Repair Case Study #4

Patient Flies from Hong Kong for Laparoscopic Fistula Repair Not Possible Anywhere in Asia

Fistula Symptoms:  Urinary leakage through vagina

Initial Cause of Fistula: Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Failed Attempt to Repair Fistula: Patient from Hong Kong and was told that a laparoscopic VVF repair was not possible ANYWHERE in Asia

Patient presented from Hong Kong with a VVF following hysterectomy that was completed in Hong Kong. She had a C-section prior to her hysterectomy and therefore the surgeons encountered scar tissue in the area of the bladder during the hysterectomy. She had leakage at home following the hysterectomy but was told it was probably just an overactive bladder. She continued to have leakage and was found via CT scan to have a vesicovaginal fistula. She was told that she needed an abdominal repair with a large incision in her abdomen. She had her hysterectomy completed laparoscopically and therefore inquired about having the fistula repaired laparoscopically. She was told however that it could not be done by one urologist. She then checked with several other urologists throughout Hong Kong and China and was told that a laparoscopic repair was NOT possible ANYWHERE in Asia. She then took her search to North America where she had contacts and inquired at both Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic and again was told she was not candidate for laparoscopic repair. She was then referred to Dr. Moore and Miklos’ center in Atlanta as she was told that they were the #1 center in the US for Laparoscopic Urogynecology and fistula repair. She arrived from Hong Kong and did undergo Laparoscopic VVF repair with Dr. Moore and Miklos and had a successful repair. She stayed in the states with family for a couple of weeks and then flew home to Hong Kong. She continues to do well and has had a successful recovery with no leakage.

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Call now for a confidential consultation with Susie or Brittney • Atlanta: (770) 475-4499 • Beverly Hills (310) 776-7588