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Vesicovaginal (Bladder-Vaginal) Fistula Repair

A fistula is defined as an abnormal duct or passage resulting from injury, disease, or a congenital disorder that connects an abscess, cavity, or hollow organ to the body surface or to another hollow organ. A vesicovaginal (bladder-vaginal) fistula is an abnormal duct between the bladder (vesico) and the vagina. This condition causes an extraordinary amount of embarrassment for the patients due to severe urine loss from the vagina.

Drs. Miklos and Moore are leaders in the field of fistula repair, and have been operating on patients with vesicovaginal and vesicouterine fistulas since 1997. In addition to repairing bladder fistulas, they are experts in fixing failed fistula repairs performed by less experienced surgeons.

Doctors John R. Miklos and Robert D. Moore are/have:

  • Internationally-renowned Vaginal Surgeons
  • Master Bladder Fistula surgeons
  • Unprecedented Experience with Fistula Repairs
  • Outstanding Results
  • Performed surgery on patients from 49 States & 48 Countries
  • Specialists in Laparascopic (Mini-Inicisions) fistula repair
  • Specialists in Failed Fistula Repairs
  • Pioneers of Vesicovaginal Fistula Repair

Doctos Miklos and Moore

Renowned Infectious Disease Doctor from California has her failed VVF repair done by
Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore. We are pleased to announce she is now CURED!

Watch her testimonial below

Fistula Repair – Recent News

3/6/13 - Drs. Miklos and Moore have hit a new milestone in repairing Vesicovaginal Fistulas in the first published paper of its kind: Vesicovaginal fistula failing multiple surgical attempts salvaged laparoscopically without an interposition omental flap." See the press release here.

11/5/12 - Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore perform a Laparoscopic Uterine Vesicle Fistula Repair. A very rare and complicated surgery. Very few in the world can perform this surgery.

11/1/12 - Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore publish the 1st paper on repairing complicated Vesicovaginal Fistulas without and Omental Flap. Published in The Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, November/December 2012 Issue. (Click here to read)

Failed Fistula Repair x1 – NOW CURED!

I underwent a failed attempt at fistula repair after hysterectomy in my home country (Trinidad) and was severely suffering. I searched the world and found the best in Atlanta… Dr. Moore. I flew to Atlanta and had a successful Laparoscopic repair and an easy recovery, which was essentially pain free. Whenever I think about what I endured for a year before I went to Dr Moore the words “Free at last, thank God almighty I am free at last…” come to mind.
– Patient from Port of Spain, Trinidad

Failed Fistula Repair x2 – NOW CURED!

This patient came to us from Asheville, NC after having a failed attempt at her fistula repair by a well trained urogynecologist. She had a vaginal approach known as a Latzko procedure. After the surgery she began leaking again because unfortunately her repair failed. She then came to Atlanta Urogynecology Associates to see Dr. Miklos because as she simply stated "I am here because I hear you're the best."
– Patient from Ashville, NC

Failed Fistula Repair x3 – NOW CURED!

This patient is a nurse from Marion, IN who unfortunately sustained a bladder fistula after a hysterectomy. She initially had a Latzko procedure (vaginal approach) and then 4 months later had a laparotomy (large belly incision) with an omental flap. She failed both procedures.

"This is a thank you to Dr. Miklos for performing the surgery. I have been through 2 other attempts at vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) repairs and both were not successful. Dr. Miklos (and Dr. Moore) and staff were very professional, and yet made my husband and myself feel completely cared for. Dr. Miklos took the time before and after to answer all my questions regarding VVFs. I would recommend him to anyone who is suffering from vesicovaginal fistula. After dealing with vesicovaginal fistula for 2 years, I feel like I have my life back. Thank you Dr. Miklos."
- Patient from Marion, IN

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Call now for a confidential consultation with Susie or Brittney • Atlanta: (770) 475-4499 • Beverly Hills (310) 776-7588